Ahhh we love Mondays, don’t we? We stumble into work, still a little dazed and confused from the weekend. Unfortunately, the last thing on our minds is our oral health and a fresh smile … until now!

Announcing Molar Towne Mondays, from the Molar Towne Productions Team!  Engage with such original characters as Biggie Smiles, Miss Pearly White, the Bicuspid Babes, Wisdom Tooth and other fun characters of Molar Towne.

Here’s how it works … every Monday morning, we post a trivia question on the Mighty MolarMan & Friends and “Molar in the Mirror” facebook pages. If you have a Mighty MolarMan & Friends Affiliate in your area, be sure to check their facebook page for Molar Towne Mondays. Answer the question in the comments where the question was posted, and winners are entered into the weekly drawing for a free “Molar in the Mirror” box set and other prizes.  

Mixing education with fun and entertainment is what we do, so let’s get started and see what your Molar IQ really is!!


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