The Mighty MolarMan Experience® © 2014 Molar Towne Productions, LLC
The Mighty MolarMan Experience®
© 2014 Molar Towne Productions, LLC

Recently, we were contacted by a Mom who was desperate … her 3-year old son had pain in his mouth, and they had been to their family dentist twice before, with over four play dates with no success of even getting him in the chair.  Max, a special needs child with apraxia, who was also non-verbal at the time, just couldn’t get comfortable … he was anxious and afraid in the dental office (and in pain).  He was not even able to have the examination done, much less any x-rays or cleaning.

Gracie, Max’s mom, heard about us through a friend who had sent her a link to the Mighty MolarMan video … she was intrigued to hear that there was a dental superhero named Mighty MolarMan that was having a big impact helping children to overcome their fear/anxieties. This was exactly what she needed … a superhero to come to the rescue for Max … and save the day!

She contacted us, and we explained to her how the SuperHero of Smiles, Mighty MolarMan, interacted with, and bonded with apprehensive children … easing their fears, while building trust and friendship. Needless to say, she was ecstatic.  Even Max was ecstatic after watching Mighty MolarMan dancing to “The Mighty MolarMan Song” and fighting bad guys.  To top it all off, Max received a personal message from Mighty MolarMan himself, just before bedtime.   Max was so excited to meet him!

I still tell everyone how amazing our experience was. I am so thankful to all of you, especially the creator of Mighty MolarMan! I would still be worried about Max, and I would be wondering if he had deeper problems with his little teeth and mouth. I can’t imagine having to carry that stress for longer than we did. Thank you! I still get sad thinking about what poor Max would have gone through if we insisted on a regular dental office checking his mouth or having to put him to sleep just to check his mouth. But with all of you, he only needed the confidence of Mighty MolarMan and your amazing dental team!!

— Gracie B

Needless to say, the dental appointment went well, with Max laughing and smiling and thoroughly enjoying his appointment and entire experience. The dentist was able to figure out what was bothering Max and was able to suggest to mom what would help him.  Then they applied dental sealants to his little molars … to prevent Bacteria Boy and his little Zombie Teeth from reeking havoc in the future.  Max’s Mighty MolarMan Experience was a big success!

It was just another routine day for Mighty MolarMan, the SuperHero of Smiles, coming to the rescue for little Max …. the Molar, the Merrier!

Written by Dr. John U. Bond

The creative visionary behind Mighty MolarMan & Friends, and The Mighty MolarMan Experience, is Dr John U. Bond, dentist and entrepreneur in Dallas, TX. As a newly minted graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry, Dr John U. Bond began practicing in 1990 and immediately went to work creating innovative ways to improve patient care ... increasing efficiency and making the entire experience comfortable ... even FUN ! He created Mighty MolarMan & Friends to educate families about the importance of good dental health, and to help children get excited about coming to the dentist. Dr. John U. Bond was named HealthCare Innovator of the Year by The Dallas Business Journal in 2008 for improving total patient care for families. Dr. John U. Bond's current focus is in leading his Molar Towne Productions Team in sharing Mighty MolarMan & Friends with dental professionals, charitable organizations, educators and families globally. The Mighty MolarMan Experience is revolutionizing how children feel about the whole dental experience ... and thanks to this Disney of Dentistry, the millions who suffer from dental phobias and those with special needs finally have a solution! Humbly raised in a very small town in North Louisiana, this former 4-sport dedicated athlete is usually dressed for a workout ... his quarterback towel dangling from his athletic shorts .. "always ready for a game to break out ... hey, once a QB, always a QB ... "​. Dr Bond enjoys family time, coaching his two sons in their sports endeavors, and continuing their "country boy education" outdoors whenever possible.

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